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Graduation Requirements

Fulton County Schools - Graduation Requirements




English/Language Arts


1 Unit of 9th Literature/Composition

1 Unit of 11th American Literature/Composition

2 additional Units of ELA, including equivalent AP/DE Courses



1 Unit of Biology

1 Unit of Physical Science OR Physics

1 Unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or AP/DE Science

1 Unit of an approved 4th Science, including an AP/DE Science Course or from approved list: GA DOE 4th Science Options



1 Unit of Algebra C&C

1 Unit of Geometry C&C

1 Unit of Advanced Algebra C&C

1 additional Unit of Math (Precalculus, AMDM, AP/DE Course)

Social Studies


1 Unit of World History

1 Unit of US History

.5 Unit of Personal Finance/Economics

.5 Unit of American Government/Civics (excludes AP Comparative Government)

World Language, CTAE (Career, Technical and Agricultural Education), and/or Fine Arts

*See Notes


World Language (Spanish, French, Latin, Japanese)

CTAE (Entrepreneurship, Sports Medicine, Surgical Technology, Food/Nutrition/Wellness, Film & Television, Forensic Science, Computer Science)

Fine Arts (Art, Drama, Music)

Health/Physical Education


.5 Unit of General Health

.5 Unit of Personal Fitness



4 additional Units of courses. Can be Core/WL/CTAE/FA.

Total Units (Minimum):



*Notes: Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution or other post-secondary institution must take two units of the same World Language. Students wishing to receive the industry certification in certain areas under CTAE programs must follow and complete specific pathways.


Promotion Requirements:

Promotion from 9th to 10th Grade = 5 Credits

Promotion from 10th to 11th Grade = 11 Credits

Promotion from 11th to 12th Grade = 17 Credits

Courses with an EOC:

  • 11th American Lit/Comp

  • Biology

  • Algebra I

  • US History

EOC's are worth 20% of the final course grade. 


Students have access to an unofficial transcript through their Infinite Campus account. If you would like to personally track your graduation status, you can print a Graduation Status Report (Track Sheet) linked below.

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